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Here you will find a great selection of decorative wall & window items. There is a wide variety of tapestries & curtains to match anyones style,
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58" X 82" Assorted Design Tapestry (Mixed Colors)
Let us pick one of the many patterns and styles that these beautiful tapestries have. Everyone has an energetic image with perfectly coordinated colors. No bad one in this assortment. Our Choice.
58" X 82" Celtic Pentagram Tapestry
This tapestry has a centered pentagram, and Celtic designing, can be used for your spiritual space as a display, cover, or accent. It's base color is black with purple and turquoise tones entwined with in it's pattern. 100% cotton. 58"x 82".
58" X 82" Flower Of Life Tapestry (Mixed Colors)
The flower of life is a symbol of harmony and is part of the Sacred Geometry which contains Akashic Records and the sacred universal patterns. The laws within these patterns represent the whole universe and the source of all that exists. Let us choose the right ones for you. Three different options that are our choice.
60" X 90" Goddess Cerridwen Tapestry
"Blessed Be" shows at the top of this tapestry. The design includes a cloaked priestess or the Goddess in corporeal form and Goddess spirit silhouette along with cauldron and artistic design. Celtic boarders and the backgrounds are varying shades of purple. 100 % cotton.
58" X 82" Mandala Tapestry (Mixed Colors)
Let it be our choice which of the 6 Mandala patterns you receive. Mandala is a symbol of unity and harmony. A mandala can work as a hypnotic tool leading the observer to higher consciousness and awareness. You cannot go wrong with any of these color variations.
Triple Goddess Tapestry 72" X 108"
Woven of heavy, 100% cotton, this 72" by 108" tapestry presents the a central design of a pentacle symbol of the triple goddess: the waxing and waning moons with their backs to the full moon, which contains the pentacle symbol. Hand dyed broadcloth.
Sun God Curtain 44" X 88"
A stunning celestial display in a curtain that may be hung in any window or open wall space. Hand dyed and 100% cotton. 44" x 88"
Sun & Moon Curtain Pair 22" X 72"
A hand dyed pair of curtains featuring a border and central display of Suns, Moons & Stars. Pairs well with WTTD83. 2 curtains per pack. 100% Hand Tiedyed Cotton.
Suns & Stars Curtains Pair 22" X 72"
These gauzy cotton curtains, comes as a pair with 2 panels that allows light to filter through. A colorful array of purples turquoise, blue, yellow, orange and green color base, that run throughout the tabbed tops, panels and fringed bottom, well displays, the array of sun faces, with stars scattered about the panels. 22" wide X 72" long.
Three Pentagrams Curtain Pair 18" X 72"
These gauzy cotton curtains hang are a beautiful addition for your sacred space, with a deep purple coloring that allows light to filter through the Pentagram patterns on its surface. 18" wide X 72" long. 100% cotton.
Tree Of Life Curtain 44" X 88"
A powerful and dynamic symbol of Celtic heritage with a large central Tree of Life in the center whose roots and branches create a complex Celtic knot. The central design is repeated in the corners and framed in Celtic knot work. Loops along the top allow for easy hanging. 100% cotton. 44" x 88"
Triple Moon Curtain 44" X 88"
This large 44" by 88" curtain features a large triple moon with a pentacle at it's center. The four corners are decorated with smaller versions of the central symbol and interlaced pentacles. A Celtic knot border runs around the outside. 100% cotton.
Sun God Tapestry 72" X 108"
Sun God printed Tapestry, 100% Handloomed Cotton 72x108" can be used as wall hanging, Table Cloth, Bedspreads etc. Color: Golden/black.
7 Chakra Tapestry 72" X 108"
Lotus and Om motif are circled by the primary chakra symbols combined they are some of the most famous symbols toward attaining the highest self. 7 Chakra tapestry is 72" x 108"
81" X 90" Assorted Design Tapestry (Mixed Colors)
This is an assortment of various tapestries that is our choice. All styles are wonderful and unique so you cant go wrong with this bunch.
Buddha Tapestry 72" X 108"
Displaying Buddha within a border of interwoven Celtic knots, this wall tapestry is a powerful symbol of harmony and unity between all things, and as a way of life. Hand dyed broadcloth. 100% rayon.
Triquetra Tapestry 72" X 108"
A 100% cotton tapestry with a bold Triquetra design and various Celtic knots printed in black on a purple background. 72" x 108"
54" X 86" Cycle Of Ages
This multi color tapestry has concentric circles with symbols and numbered time positions along with 4 affirmations. Corner symbols of Vitruvian, Tree of Life, Sun, Moon phase, adds expanded meaning to the overall design. It is 100 % cotton, 54" x 86"
54" X 86" Owl Dream Catcher
Large tiedye owl with various dream catchers among the other great details of this tapestry. Made in India 54"x86".
54" X 86" Elephant Tree Tapestry (Tie Dye)
This vibrant Tree of Life tapestry, makes a wonderful wall hanging or even a top bed cover. It is a universal symbol great for any home or meditation room. 100% cotton. Made in India. 54" x 86".
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