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Angel Ring Pendant
The seals of the seven planetary angels are depicted within the enamel; Gabriel (Moon), Raphael (Mercury), Haniel (Venus), Michael (Sun), Hamael (Mars), Zadkiel (Jupiter) and Zaphkiel (Saturn), with the key to their meanings, their respective names, planets and days, inscribed on the reverse side. A celestial token with hidden inscriptions A broad pewter ring with raised motifs of the seals of the seven angels encapsulated in a transparent green enamel around its face, and engraved on the reverse side with the angels' respective names, planets and days. 1 1/4".
Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heavenly bodies. Has 22
3" Ankh W/ Athame
The modern vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret lifeblood blade inside the symbolic scabbard, engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphs: The Eye of Horus (for good health), Ankh (the triumph of life over death), Djed Pillar (stability), and Shen (infinity). A timeless talisman for eternal life An antiqued pewter, ankh with removable dagger (on safety chain). Set inside a scabbard, engraved with ancient Egyptian symbols. 3.11" x 1.65" x .55".
2" Athame Pewter
The name of the blackhandled, doubleedged ceremonial dagger of Wicca, one of the four elemental tools used in magic ritual, and complementary to the whitehandled 'boline'. Take Wiccan magic with you on any journey! A miniature ceremonial Wiccan magical dagger, made in twotone pewter with a bronzed hilt and crescent moons, with the central full moon set with an iridescent blue Swarovski crystal.
Thunder Torque Bracelet
Bangles The most classic form of Dark Age vanity and hard earned battle trophy, this lordly, iconic torque bangle must be that of a Scandinavian or Saxon pagan noble, won, almost inevitably, by force. Twotone pewter Celtic torquestyle bangle, with twisted wire pattern core and antique bronzed Thor's Hammer terminals, each set with a hematite cabochon. The bangle can be adjusted to size by gently squeezing/opening all around.
Thor'S Hammer W/ Bindrune
Handsculpted into Thor
Bastet Choker
Bastet Goddess choker by Alchemy England. Extraordinary Design for Extraordinary Individuals with piercing red eyes and a silver toned bell attached to the Bastet's ear. 38" long and 1' wide black suede choker. Bastet charm measures 1 3/4" x 1 /12" at farthest points.
Cult Of Isis
Resembling the headpiece seen atop the head of the Goddess Isis, this pendant is perfect for those who revere and worship her. Has 18
Cat Sith Pendant
Superstition and folklore pervade the mysterious black cat. Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a black cat could be a witch's familiar, or may court many suitors for its desirous companion. A cast, black pewter pendant of a stalking cat hanging from the chain by its tail, with red, Swarovski crystal eyes. On a 21" black trace chain.
3/4" Dante'S Hex Pentagram
A simple but effective Mediaeval style pentagram, of a fashion that would be familiar to the great 13th Century mystic literary genius. A detailed symbol of protection with mediaeval origins A small pewter pentagram set within a circle. 3/4".
1/2" Thor Hammer Earstuds
The intricate skills of the Norsemen jewelsmiths are invoked here with the precision, miniature Thor's hammer. A pair of pewter ear studs of Thor's hammers engraved in traditional Viking style; with surgical steel earposts. Measures.55" x .47".
1 1/2" Egill'S Torque Pewter
The traditional twisted wire torque of Egill the Icelandic warrior and raider, with finials depicting his distinctive longship's dragon's head. Unleash the warrior inside you with this Viking inspired design! A 40mm diameter twotone pewter circlet in traditional Celtic torque style, of antique bronzed twisted wire with silver pewter dragon head ends.
1 3/4" Elven Star Pewter
The Wiccan symbol of the seven pointed star, or septagram, represents the seven paths to the higher self in the sacred Faery tradition, further empowered here by a pentagram and the sigils of the seven planets. A beautiful Wiccan inspired piece perfect for day to night wear! A highly polished pewter, 40mm wide fine, interwoven cutout eight pointed star, with a polished black onyx disc set behind, engraved with the symbols of the eight planets and a central pentagram, visible through the framework of the star.
Goddess Pewter
Combining the empowering pentagram of the five elements, (fire, water, earth, air and spirit), with the three moon phases of Wicca's Triple Goddess, balanced with a crystal to focus your magickal energies. A subtle everyday talisman to show your devotion to the triple moon goddess. A pewter pendant of an interwoven pentagram set upon a ring, with a smaller crescent moon either side and suspending a clear Swarovski crystal dropper beneath. On trace chain, 18".
2" Helm Of Awe Ravenskull Pewter
This raven's skull has been engraved upon its head with the Icelandic stave symbol, 'Aegishjalmur', or 'Helm of Awe', to imbue its wearer with mighty power and to instill fear into his enemies' hearts. The Norse god Odin's twin ravens would daily spy on mankind and then fly to him and tell him of all of their deeds and exploits. Near lifesized raven's skull in pewter. Thong is 22" Pendant is fastened with an adjustable pewter Tbar fastener.
1 1/2" Medieval Pentagram
During the Middle ages, belief in the powers of good and evil and in the talismanic effect of magical symbols were absolute, and one of the most common signs to protect against demonic threats was the pentagram. A detailed talisman with a sparkling center. A twotone gilt and pewter pentagram pendant with blue cabochon Swarovski crystal. 1.77" x 1.69" x .35".
Midnight Love Pendant
A dark and Delphic romance of the heart; an assignation between two strange and exotic creatures from another place, amorous beneath the stars in the night sky. A large pewter heart pendant, the center piece enameled in a transparent midnight blue and surrounded by an antiqued pewter Baroque frame with a skull profile on either side. A black Swarovski crystal teardrop is suspended below the pendant which hangs from a pewter bale on a 32" long chain. Approximate Dimensions: W 1.69" x H 3.03" x Depth 0.55" Pewter, Midnight Blue Stone, and Black Dropper. Alchemy of England design.
Minnaloushe Necklace Pewter
Minnaloushe creeps and stares, lifting his changing eyes to the changing moon; conjured by the poem by William Butler Yeats', The Cat and the Moon. In 1890, the young Irish poet, mystic and occultist, Butler Yeats joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. A uniquely stunning piece to compliment your look! A chain 'V' necklace, with, suspended to one side a highly polished pewter moon studded with five clear Swarovski crystals, and from the other side, 'walking the tightrope' to the moon is a black pewter cat with its tail looped about the upper chain.
Mjolnir (Thor'S Hammer)
Wonderfully sculpted of fine English pewter, this pendant is a wonderful representation of Mjolnir. Has 20" chain. Fine English Pewter. 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" Hammer, overall length is 2 1/8".
1 1/2" Lune Noir
A dolorous and dark waning moon drips the portent of an oppressive and melancholy episode. Let the power of the moon bestow your attire. A large, smooth crescent moon in pewter set with five descending Swarovski crystals, black diamond and ovalshaped, and with a black crystal dropper. On split curb chain 20", 2.64" x 1.89" x .28".
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