Mortar & Pestle, & Grinders

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4" Green Marble Mortar And Pestle Set
Green marble Mortar and Pestle set. Beautiful rich colors make this a unique piece.
32" Black Stone Chip Necklace
Long chip necklace with black stones. Great to where for grounding as darker stones resonate with Earth energy. 32" long and sizes may vary slightly.
32" Rose Quartz Chip Necklace
Rose Quartz long chip necklace with mixed size chips chosen at random. Rose quartz is used to open your heart chakra and to stimulate love energy. It is a powerful stone for peace, happiness and fidelity. 32" sizes may vary.
3 3/4" Assorted Mortar And Pestle Set
Marble Mortar and pestle set sold individually and is our choice. Can't go wrong with any of these styles we pick for you. Combination of colors are red zebra marble, black zebra marble, fossil coral, multi brown onyx. 4" Set selected at random.
2 1/2" Black Mortar And Pestle Set
This is a nice solid Black Mortal & Pestle set, approximately 2 1/2 " tall x 2 1/2" across the top mouth edge to edge, having a depth of approximately 1 3/4". Made of natural stone with natural perfections and imperfections.
4" Natural Mortar And Pestle Set
A nice Natural soapstone, Mortal and Pestle set, approximately 4'' cross the top mouth, measuring from edge to edge, standing approximately 1 1/2" in height from base, having an approximate depth of 1 1/2". Made of all natural solid soapstone, with natural perfections and imperfections colors and patterns.
Black Ceramic Mortar & Pestle
Decorated with a glossy black glaze, this ceramic mortar and pestle set is equally at home in the kitchen and upon the altar. 1 3/4" x 3 1/2"
Soapstone 3" X 3" Mortar & Pestle
This smaller sized mortar & pestle set is made of carved soapstone, beautiful yet highly functional. Style, shape & color will vary. Image for reference ONLY! Yours chosen at random. 3
Black Soapstone Mortar & Pestle
This Black Mortar and Pestle set has been beautifully carved of soapstone and finished with a black glaze. 3" x 2"
4" Black Soapstone Mortar & Pestle
This is a black soapstone mortar & pastel set. Smooth and sleek looking. Great piece to add to your practices. 4" diameter and 3 3/4" tall.
4" Soapstone Mortar & Pestle
This standard sized mortar & pestle set is made of carved soapstone with a heavy lip on its base, a beautiful yet highly functional ritual tool. Lightly grooved for easier grinding, you will find constant use of this set in the kitchen as well as on the altar. The styles & colors may vary depending on the stone used in the production of these 2 1/2" tall x 4" in diameter mortars. The interior diameter measures over 3" wide.
Soapstone Mortar & Pestle Set
This mortar & pestle is carved from solid soapstone (colors vary) to lend a sturdiness and weight suitable for your herbal, alchemical and ritual crafts. 2 3/4" x 4". (our choice) sold separately.
3" Pentagram Mortar And Pestle Set
Sculpted of black soapstone, the black pentagram mortar and pestle set is an elegant, sturdy piece for your ritual practice and kitchen witchery.
4" Pentagram Mortar And Pestle Set
A black soapstone mortar & pestle set with pentagrams carved into the side of the mortar. 4" x 3".
3" Bidasar Marble Mortar And Pestle Set
This is a hand made Bidasar Marble Mortar and Pestle set. Simply beautiful in the patterning on this set. Perfect size for all your needs.
5" Various Colors Mortar And Pestle Set
Very solid attractive Mortar & Pestle set. Made in India with ridges around the whole bowl and on the handle of the handle. Stands almost 2 1/2" tall.
2 3/4" Brass Mortar & Pestle Set
An enchanting and durable mortar & pestle crafted of brass with gentle ribbing along its sides. Patterns vary. It measures 2 3/4" high it has an opening measuring 2 3/4" in diameter.
4 1/2" Grey Mortar And Pestle Set
Smooth surfaced handmade grey mortar & pestle set. Almost 2 1/4' in height, this set will be a great addition to your practice.
Set Of 3 White Ceramic Mortars And Pestles
For grinding up herbs, incense, etc. We recommend keeping separate mortars and pestles for edible and nonedible uses. Inside diameters are 4", 3", 2". White Porcelain
4" Onyx Mortar And Pestle Set
This beautiful and highly polished mortar & pestle set may come in various striated patterns from pale tans through browns and even greens! 4" x 3"
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