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1842 Poetry Leather Blank Book W/ Latch
Hand tooled blank leather journal with unadorned cover and hand stitched edging. Sizes vary slightly. Leather, handmade paper. 240 pages, latch closure. 5 1/2
Green Leaf Journal
Embossed leaf design on the cover stretching around to the back of the book. Suede lining on the inside it holds a standard six ring mini binder that will accept standard journal or date book refill. 160 pages. 5
Powers Of The Psalms By Anna Riva
Power of the Psalms includes 375 different ways to use psalms for love, power, success, blessings, prosperity, protection and much more.
1/2" Black Chime Candle 20 Pack
These black chime candles are great for all manner of protection and balancing spells. And rituals. 4" x 1/2"
1/2"Dark Green Chime Candle 20 Pack
Representative of the earth, dark green chime candles are powerful additions to your candle magic and similar rituals when you are seeking healing, growth, money drawing, fertility and prosperity. 4" x 1/2"
1/2" White Chime Candle 20 Pack
The color of purity and peace, White Chime candles are great for invoking happiness and strength, and can be used to add to the potency of protection spells. 4" x 1/2"
White 7-Day Jar Candle
Used within a wide variety of rituals and spells, white 7day jar candles are popular additions to candle magic, ritual prayer, and all manner of similar practice. It measures 8" tall and 2 1/2".
50Mm Clear Gazing Ball
This petite gazing ball has been a timeless icon of divination and fortune telling for years upon years. Stand not included. 2
Yellow Topaz Worry Stone
A carved and polished worry stone made from Yellow Topaz. Sizes may vary from the average of 1 1/4" x 1" x 3/8"
Wire Wrapped Clear Quartz Point
Quartz is know as a master clearer and is said to be a powerful stone that can amplify any energy or intention. A clear and polished quartz crystal point wrapped in pewter wire. Approximately 1 3/8" long and does not come with cord or chain.
Wire Wrapped Rose Quartz Point
Rose quartz is one of the most important gemstones and has been said to open the heart chakra to unconditional love. Wire wrapped with a simple yet powerful design. Approximately 1 3/8" long and does not come with a chain or cord.
Pleasant Dreams Tea (5+ Cups)
A dreamy formulation of catnip, mugwort, oakmoss, lavender, linden, chamomile and mistletoe. Loose tea, one package is enough for 5 + cups. (Not to be used as a substitute for a doctor's care.) Made in USA.
2" Tea Ball Strainer
Enjoy your tea mess free with the aid of this mesh "Tea Ball" strainer! Just put your loose tea within the ball, close the clasp, and allow it to seep without the unpleasantness of loose leaves.
Calm Comfort Tea (5+ Cups)
Nerve relaxant, calming blend of linden, lavender, chamomile, clove, rosemary and valerian. Loose tea, one package is enough for 5 + cups. (Not to be used as a substitute for a doctor's care.) Made in USA.
1/3 Ounce Egyptian Goddess Auric Blends Roll On
Seductive and soft, this fragrance blends a warm musk with notes of powder and delicate florals. 1/3oz Egyptian Goddess Auric roll on.
1/3 Ounce Love Auric Blends Roll On
A soft musk with notes of White Amber, Woods, and a touch of Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess. 1/3 oz Love Auric roll on.
1/3 Ounce Patchouli Auric Blends Roll On
An essential oil from Indonesia and the surrounding area, Patchouly is deep, luxurious and earthy. 1/3oz Patchouli Auric roll on.
Silver Handled Egyptian Athame
This doubleedged, kriss style athame features an Egyptian god goddess motif as its hilt, with wings and scarab as its hand guard. No Edge Cannot be sharpened. Stainless Steel, 12 1/4" 8" blade.
1 Lb Black Salt
Black salt is a powerful ritual component used in removing jinxes and in keeping away evil forces or bad neighbors.
Angelite Rune Set
Call upon your angels for answers with this beautiful Angelite rune set. Perfect to use for any of life's questions you may have. Runes only.
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